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Vista Security Center

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Vista Security Center

Postby nasis » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:02 pm

Windows Security Center in Windows Vista puts all of your computer's security needs in one easy-to-find, easy-to-monitor location.

Windows Security Center helps make your PC more secure by alerting you when your security software is out of date or when your security settings should be strengthened. The Security Center displays your firewall settings and tells you whether your PC is set up to receive automatic software updates from Microsoft.

Other improvements over the version of Windows Security Center that debuted in Microsoft Windows XP SP2 include showing the status of software designed to protect against spyware, your Internet Explorer 7 security settings, and User Account Control. In addition, Windows Security Center can monitor security products from multiple companies and show you which are enabled and up to date.

Windows Security Center monitors the following security components for Windows Vista:

Windows Security Center monitors your system to see if you have a firewall installed, whether it's the Windows Firewall or a firewall product from another company. If there is an issue with your firewall, Windows Security Center notifies you and provides guidance to help you correct the problem.

►Automatic updating
Windows Security Center verifies that the automatic updating feature is enabled and using recommended Microsoft settings. If automatic updating is not enabled—or if the settings differ from the recommended settings—you will receive an alert and instructions on enabling automatic updating.

Windows Security Center verifies whether your computer is running antivirus software. When you're using antivirus software, Windows Security Center monitors things such as real-time scanning and virus signatures. If real-time scanning is not enabled or if virus signatures are out of date, the Security Center will alert you and recommend a solution.

►Antispyware and other malware protection
Windows Security Center verifies whether your computer is running Windows Defender or another company's antispyware software. When you're using both Windows Defender and third-party antispyware software, Windows Security Center monitors spyware definitions and other details. If scanning is not enabled or if spyware definition files are out of date, the Security Center will alert you and recommend a solution.

►Internet security settings
Windows Security Center monitors the security settings that are associated with Internet Explorer 7 and alerts you whenever your computer might be at risk from settings that are lower than the recommended levels. Windows Security Center provides a button that you can use to restore settings automatically or access Control Panel, where you can correct settings manually.

►User Account Control
To foster safer computing, the User Account Control service and policy must be enabled and uncorrupted. Window Security Center monitors the status of User Account Control and notifies you if User Account Control has been changed to a setting that's at odds with the recommended settings. You can restore User Account Control to the recommended settings with the click of a button.

From: http://www.microsoft.com
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